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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Tue May 03, 2016 9:23 pm

General Rules

Rule 1: No hacking/glitching/exploiting! This will result in a permanent ban with no appeal!

Rule 2: No RDM (Random Deathmatching, killing/injuring people without a reason relating to roleplay.

Rule 3: Don't break the NLR. NLR is set to 3 minutes. (The New Life Rule is when you die, you may NOT return to the site of death for atleast 3 minutes, you also cannot hunt down who killed you.

Rule 4: Do not failRP (Do what your job is meant to do.)

Rule 5: No FDA (Fading Door Abuse is when you use your binds instead your button or keypad. Also make sure when your fading door is active, people can see you though it, no hard materials.)

Rule 6: Don't block other players cameras.

Rule 7: Don't AFK (You will be kicked).

Rule 8: Don't Prop Kill/Block/Climb/Surf/Spam/Push.

Rule 9: Don't scam/annoy/harass players.

Rule 10: Don't impersonate staff or other players.

Rule 11: Don't evade roleplay (An example would be killing yourself/changing jobs/ or disconnecting).

Rule 12: No Trolling of any kind.

Rule 13: Staff's word is final.

Rule 14: Use Common Sense.

Rule 15: Do not spray Offensive/Racist/Sexual sprays.

Rule 16: Do not multi advert (Multiple adverts in one bind/sentence) criminal activities. All binds must be separate.

Rule 17: No Racism what-so-ever!

Rule 18: No whining/arguing/discrimination/flaming of any kind in chat.

Rule 19: Do not spam chat in any way!

Rule 20: Do not post IP addresses in chat, same with links.

Rule 21: Do not use /advert for anything other than announcing activities or sales.

Rule 22: When using OOC chat or Advert, you must speak English.

Base Building Rules.

Rule 23: Do not build anything inappropriate or non-relating to roleplay.

Rule 24: No world glowed props.

Rule 25: No hidden keypads or buttons.

Rule 26: No bases you have to jump or crouch to enter.

Rule 27: Bases cannot be built like a maze.

Rule 28: You can only have 5 fading doors to enter a base.

Rule 29: All fading doors must stay open for 5 seconds.

Rule 30: Players should be able to keypad crack your base.

Rule 31: Keypads/buttons must be located near the door they open.

Rule 32: Your base must have an entrance.

Rule 33: Only Hobos are allowed to build on sidewalks.

Rule 34: No invisible props.

Rule 35: Do not do anything annoying or offensive to other players buildings.

Rule 36: Players must be able to see AND shoot you from the same window/door you are shooting from.

Rule 37: All fading doors must have a keypad, no buttons.

Rule 38: All bases must be fair and raidable.

Rule 39: Do not abuse hitboxes.

Rule 40: Do not build or remove anything while being raided.

Rule 41: Skybases are not allowed.

Raiding Rules:

Rule 42: You must advert Raid when raiding somebody.

Rule 43: You must advert PD Raid when raiding PD or PD's Bank Vault, then advert Raid Over after you finish.

Rule 44: Do not kill anybody not associated with the raid.

Rule 45: Raids can only last 15 minutes.

Rule 46: You must wait 20 minutes before raiding the same person again, no matter if you succeeded or not.

Jobs that may NOT raid:
- Any Gun Dealer
- Mayor
- Hobos
- Secret Service
- Radio Host

Mugging/Kidnapping Rules

Rule 47: When mugging or kidnapping somebody, advert Mugging or Kidnapping, once you finish, advert Mugging or Kidnapping Over.

Rule 48: When Mugging somebody, give them at least 10 seconds to drop the money before you may kill them, also in the advert, tell the victim how long they have before you kill them.

Rule 49: The max mugging amount is $15,000, also state this in the advert.

Rule 50: You may not mug Hobos.

Rule 51: Wait 10 minutes before mugging the same person.

Rule 52: The max ransom you may set on the kidnap victim is $100,000. $150,000 for the Mayor.

Rule 53: You must have a reason relating to roleplay in order to kidnap somebody.

Rule 54: The max amount of time you can hold a kidnap victim is 15 minutes.

Rule 55: The max amount of kidnap victims you may have at one time is 3.

Rule 56: You cannot kidnap or mug Mayors within the first 10 minutes of their term.

Job Rules

- You can advert TERROR, but only once every 10 minutes. Advert Terror Complete when you finish the terror.

- You must advert Hit Accepted when accepting a hit, and advert Hit Complete when you finished the hit.
- You may only kill people you have a hit on! If that person is in a Staff on Duty job, you may NOT kill them.

- You may not own illegal items.
- Mayor must base in PD, nowhere else.
- No random lockdowns, a reason relating to roleplay must be clear. Give that reason by using advert after you call lockdown.
- Mayors cannot make any KOS laws.
- Mayors cannot make any abusive laws, determined by Staff, if asked to take down a law by Staff, you must comply.
- Mayors can only have one-handed weapons.
- You must place laws within 10 minutes of being mayor, if you don't, you can be demoted.

Any Police or Civil Protection Job:
- When arresting somebody, you must give a valid reason over Voice or Text chat.
- You MAY arrest somebody for pointing a gun at you.
- You need a warrant before entering somebody's base.
- You cannot warrant/want/arrest/kill/weapon check off of suspicion, you need to see/hear an illegal activity or have somebody report the activity to you.
- Police can only base in PD.
- You MAY collect bribes to unarrest somebody or *look away* during a crime.
- You are allowed to confiscate illegal weapons or items.
- You may not have illegal printers or drugs.
- You may not kill prisoners.
- You must attempt to arrest somebody before killing them, if they point a weapon at you, you MAY kill them.
- Anybody other than Police or Mayor in PD MAY be arrested on sight, unless they are in the nexus lobby.
- Police (AS A TEAM) MAY place 1 "Checkpoint" anywhere in the map. If somebody crosses this checkpoint, you may check them for illegal items and weapons. You HAVE to warn them that you are checking them. They MAY kill you if they think they might get caught AFTER you warn them that you are checking them.

Gun Dealers:
- You must have a shop of some form.
- You must sell to everybody.
- You must perform your job.
- You may not self-supply.
- You MAY own weapons for self-defense.

- You may not own a house/door.
- You may not own a weapon.
- You may not block off any part of the map.
- If a Staff member tells you to move, you must!
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General Rules
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