We are Kryptic Gaming we are a new server on Garry's Mod and we are hoping that we can grow very soon and let everyone enjoy our server like we are hoping.
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 Application format

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PostSubject: Application format   Sun May 01, 2016 9:27 pm

|=|Hello prospective applicant! This is the template you should be using to apply for operator on our RP server. Failure to use this template will result in your immediate disqualification from the position. |=|
Server RP name:

Steam ID:

Steam Profile URL:

Your server in game time:

Your Garry's Mod time played?:

What is your age?:

Have you had any prior experience as staff on any other servers/games?:

Are you currently staff on any other servers or games?:
If so how do you plan to split the time between both/all servers?

Have you ever been banned on the server?:

(RANKS - Moderator or Admin *NOTE* You will start on Trial before receiving the rank to see how you go E.G. Trial Admin or Trial Mod) What position are you applying for?:

What will you bring to the community/How will you help the community?:

Why would you like to be staff/why do you think you should be staff on Kryptic Gaming ?:

Do you have a clear sounding mic, if so how often do you use it?:

What times do you usually play at?:

Within applying on Kryptic Gaming, you must now agree and have a full understanding of the below questions.

You understand that if you misuse,abuse or use your powers in any other way other then used to Moderate the server all your access rights will be REMOVED?:

You have a full understanding of the server and staff rules?:

|=|Basic ULX Questions|=|
1.How Good are you on ULX?(1-10):

2.Do you know, How to BanID someone?:

3.If you see a higher rank staff abusing, how do you respond?:

4.There are 25 people in the server, and all of them Mass are RDMING What do you do?:

5.There is people keep saying he gonna DDoS our server what you gonna do?:

6.How many ULX Command staff usually use for dealing with problem, and which one's are they?:

7.What you do if there is a person named Bob and another person named Jim disrespecting Each other on OOC, That makes our server look pretty bad because of em, What you gonna do?:

8.If you see the owner abusing, what do you do?:

9.If a hacker has joined the server and everything is screwed up, what do you do?:

10.What do you do if you catch a gun dealer self supplying?:
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Application format
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